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Originally designated a national monument in 1925, and becoming a National Park and Preserve in 1980 the only thing that has really changed inside Glacier Bay National Park over the last 100 years is the disappearance of its namesake. The glaciers of Glacier Bay are retreating more every year making this year the best year you have to see them.

Glacier Bay is one of the most popular destinations for those visiting Alaska. However a vast majority of the parks visitors never see it from anything other than the bow of a ship, almost like visiting central park by driving around it in a car. Our flightseeing tours take you through the park seeing nearly everything, and offer you the opportunity to set foot on its glaciers and beaches. Look down into crevasses hundreds of feet deep. Witness the rivers of ice flowing for miles down from the top of some of North America's tallest mountains.

More people attempt Mt. Everest each year than fly into the west end of Glacier Bay National Park, it's an exclusive experience.

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