Our fleet consists of two meticulous aircraft; a 2005 Bush Hawk and a completely rebuilt DeHavilland Beaver.

Acquired in 2013, the totally rebuilt DeHavilland Beaver, Zero Zero Fox. 90% of our passengers ask the question when they walk up and see the plane "Is this aircraft new?". The quality shines through. The Beaver will seat up to 7 with windows seats and even up to an eighth passenger . This Beaver has been totally remade in the past few years and is ready to fly us to all the remote places that you would expect to be able to see and get to in Alaska. All this with large windows and plenty of elbow room for viewing and picture taking. The Beaver is powered by a Pratt & Whitney 985, a large 9 cylinder supercharged radial, exceptionally robust and reliable.

Until mid 2014 we had the 2005 Bush Hawk that we had flown for 7 years.

Both aircraft are purpose built for bush flying and are maintained to the highest standards. We have incorporated High Lift Wing modifications, Structural Upgrades for large doors, windows and Advanced Avionics. And perhaps more important, these two aircraft are our own personal machines, cared for in such a way that will make you feel good about going "into the wild" with us.