Glacier Bay Flightseeing Options

Glacier Bay Flightseeing

Glacier Bay Tour to the East Arm (FLIGHT #1)

Mcbride in the East Arm West Arm Glacier Bay Davidson Glacier Mountain Flying

Join us for unforgettable flightseeing over the East Arm of Glacier Bay National Park and see more mountain peaks, rivers and glaciers than you could come to know in a lifetime. Discover the textures, colors and light that make up the Davidson and Rainbow Glaciers. Explore with us the birth of icebergs from calving glaciers and experience the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. You will come away with a new perspective of a constantly changing landscape.

Flight time 1 hour (approx.). $200 per person from Haines, $250 from Skagway.

Glacier Bay Tour to the West Arm (FLIGHT #2)

Lamplugh Glacier Mt Fairweather Glacier flightseeing Flying over Grand Plateau inside Glacier Bay

On this exciting charter flight we will aviate over the East and West Arms of Glacier Bay National Park. This flight allows us the little extra time to fly deep into the tall and jagged Fairweather mountain range. We will see Mount Fairweather rising 15,300 feet tall and Mount Crillion at 12,700 feet. Among these giants we will see many tide water glaciers cascading down to the ocean. The Grand Pacific and Majorie Glaciers in the Tarr Inlet and the John Hopkins, Lamplugh and Reid Glaciers are the best of Glacier Bay flightseeing.

Flight time 1.3 hours (approx.). $250 per person from Haines, $350 from Skagway.


Beach landing in front of La Perouse Bears near the beach Close to the Glacier Glaciers plus lakes equals ice burgs

This remarkable charter flight will take you for an eagle's eye view of the legendary mountains and glaciers of Southeast Alaska. We will fly over Glacier Bay National Park, past Mount Fairweather and Mount Crillion and out to the Pacific Ocean on the Gulf of Alaska. Highlights include Lituya Bay, the site of the highest ever recorded wave, 1700 feet. Also the La Perouse Galcier which is the only glacier in Alaska that calves off directy into the Pacific. Beach landings will be made at the pilot's discretion. An ultimate Glacier Bay flightseeing adventure.

Flight time 2 hours $350 per person from Haines, $450 from Skagway.

Something to consider

With us you will be flown by the highest time local pilot, 25 plus years experience. You will be flown in the most completely rebuilt DHC-2 Beaver available in Alaska. This one aircraft gets all of our attention and investment. We have the largest windows, Bose headsets and go the extra mile to show and explain to you everything that is worth seeing that day. Our service is about you and your flight.

Clients Words: "All things being equal, we prefer single pilot operations where the owner and pilot are the same person. We like knowing the pilot personally and knowing that we are flying with the owner. It is worth spending more for an experienced pilot who you trust. The frustration and fear from dealing with a less reputable operator isn't worth it."


For an additional $75 per person, add an exciting glacier landing and snowfield takeoff to Flight # 1, #2, or #3. Set foot and experience the snowfiled for a memorable 30 minutes "on top of the world". Available March, April, and mid-May.

Glacier Bay Flightseeing

We fly over the most vertical terrain in all of North America!

Below is a map showing the World Heritage Site featuring the four contigious parks: Kluane, Wrangell-St.Elias, Tatshenshini-Alsek, and Glacier Bay National Park. This is the area we know and fly over nearly every day throughout the season guaranteeing a rewarding flightseeing experience.



A few insights into the weather on the day of your flight. Try not judge the weather on what you see by yourself. Please come in or call us because we fly everyday and have first hand knowledge of where it is good and what we are likely to be able to see and do for you. We never have disappointed passengers. Keep an open mind. Even if it is really cloudy and a bit of rain in the air when you are on the ground in Haines or Skagway it may not be that way in Glacier Bay. Ask us. If you are in town for several days we will look ahead and try to pick the best day for you. If you are in town just for the day it is always worth an hour flight. On the lower weather days we get closer to the glacier ice and see more wildlife.

These flight descriptions are meant to give you an idea of where we can take you on a good day. When we do not have a perfect weather day, which is often some summers, the plans can change. Sometimes the East Arm is foggy all day and we can only go to the West Arm. Sometimes we can go to the East Arm the long way around. We will always keep you informed as the flight progresses and give you the best value for what you have paid. So the bottom line is to remain as flexible as possible and I guarantee that I will show everything that I possibly can on that given day.

On a nice day the skies the limit of where we can fly you, name the place and we'll get you there.